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A snippet of a letter I wrote to one of my Japanese teachers for homework.

Two weeks of intensive Japanese lessons have come to an end, and we’ve managed to somehow cover all of Level A (lessons 1 – 13) – and for a complete beginner i.e. I don’t even watch anime (to the shock and horror of most of my course mates haha) I’m feeling pretty proud. Not that I’m good at speaking Japanese yet, far from it, but I can now vaguely introduce myself and all that GCSE-language nonsense that nobody uses in real life XD.

I don’t know if I’ll take this knowledge further; but I hope that it won’t disintegrate into nothingness like my French and German already have..

One of the things I enjoy about Japanese is that the Kanji for ‘study’ is ‘勉強’ which in Chinese means ‘reluctantly’ or to be forced to do something ㅋㅋㅋ.


Fighting through borders

“NEVER give up on yourself. There is always hope in the midst of this dark, demanding world. In the end, live for those that did not get the chance to and just keep fighting.” -Amber

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to post a song this quickly, for the lyrics and for the message Amber wants to convey through this song – a raw, very real story about reality, and strength it takes to keep going through hardships.

Yesstyle Haul

2015-12-06 13.39.20 copy.jpg

Yesstyle Haul

Having Gold Membership and the vouchers that come along with it is making me spend more on Yesstyle than I plan to – all I wanted was a new pencil case XD I really should get something for converting friends to Yesstyle who have now spent enough to become a Gold Member too lol 😛 (what have I done…)

First time doing a haul-type post…  we’ll see how it goes I guess ^^’

The Shu Uemura eyelash curler marks my first time using a ‘proper’ eyelash curler.. I’ve been using a Muji portable eyelash curler for ages and for me it’s always been so much easier (and less painful when accidents occur lol) than when I tried using a cheaper metal eyelash curler when I was younger.. The Shu Uemura eyelash curler works a lot quicker than a portable one and surprisingly actually fits my eye shape but it’s taking a while to get used to it and I can’t reach the shorter lashes in the inner corner of my eyes as well.

I was debating on whether to get a forest themed pencil case or loads of blue chickens.. and went with the latter purely to go against my norms. It’s really cute and well made, and it’s just the right size I wanted it – to fit a few pens and a ruler – because I always end up putting too much stationary into my pencil case if I have the space to ^^’.

I’ll probably do a review on the IOPE Air Cushion XP once I start using it 🙂 But first impressions – the case looks really pretty ^^ and I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about this product too so I have hopes for it!

The cat purse is something I’ve wanted to get for a few years actually, but held back all this time because I really didn’t know what use I had for it because I already have coin purses… I just went for it this time because a few years is a long time to judge how much you want something enough to get it lol and my coin purse is about 10 years old so it’s time to move on really ^^ This is so cute though! I wasn’t sure about how well it would be made but the workmanship is really good on this 🙂

This was the non-clothing part of my haul, but the clothes I got this time round are repeat purchases in different colours so nothing special really XD

Show Lo – Let go

Note: I won’t be addressing bullying in detail, just my quick thoughts on the song and music video.

Earlier this year, there was a lot of media coverage in Taiwan following the death of Cindy Yang (楊又穎), a young actress with a great career ahead of her. Every day there are many cases of suicide in the world, for many different reasons; but this incident brought cyber bullying to the spotlight in Taiwan and increased awareness of it. Many artists were speaking out about it on a “balanced” viewpoint – take criticisms with a pinch of salt because they can be constructive and help you improve, which although can be true, doesn’t address the common situation where comments are no longer constructive and instead become destructive.

The music video begins with shots of a guy that looks like a typical bully, a chubby guy with glasses, a guy with long hair, and a girl in a white dress. Show himself is locked in a cage. The girl in a white dress slowly becomes covered in black paint until you can no longer see her features. Watching this lets you imagine how helpless victims feel in situations of bullying and how slowly, without realising the situation gets too much for them to handle.

Having put on the white masks, the leader of the masked gang unites them to dislike everything. Yesterday a close friend of mine told me about her sister being bullied at school by her (ex) closest friends. They suddenly turned on her because she wanted to practise sketching in the library rather than spent a lunchtime with them, one of the girls decided that she deserved from then onwards to be excluded in all their activities and not to be spoken to by any member of their form class. The rest of the class then followed her lead and everyone talks about her and rumours are passed on about her but nobody in her class talks to her. The thing that surprised me the most was when asked to ‘make up’ and apologise by their teacher, my friend’s sister was willing to even though she had done nothing wrong, while the other girl said something along the lines of “I’m not sure I can forgive you after all that you’ve done to us”… *speechless* The situation is currently being handled and hopefully it’ll be resolved (despite the schools refusal to let her change forms), but there are many cases like this that go on unknown because victims are too scared to tell their parents or teachers.

The masked group gang up on the men at the start of the music video, sticking on profanities and horrid phrases onto the chubby guy as well as tearing apart the clothes of the other guy. The keyboard begins to bleed. All the victims are dragged out in front of masses of masked people, who openly fire their keyboard keys at them, laughing at what they’ve done. In the midst of this, a masked man becomes unmasked, and they turn on him, in the very way that they treated the victims. I don’t think this really needs any explanation because the message is clear; the actions of cyber bullies are represented in a form of physical bullying that we all can observe, but in reality physical damage cannot (usually) be seen through cyber bullying. But that doesn’t make it less important.

Lyrics to the song ‘Let Go’ or an alternate translation would be ‘That’s enough.’


do you get vibe? I’m about to spit my rhyme
I’m in my prime ! we going wild

Ya 大眾話的小說都不用線索 很多嘴天天都塞滿砲火
製造紛亂當幽默 只是看圖想太多 雞蛋挑骨頭
誰又 愛無中生有
聽說 再推給夢遊
你 瞎啦 醉啦 扯吧 奇耙

時間沒有那麼多 怎麼你都沒事做
只敢在暗處放火 夠了 get down get down
以前明嗆容易躲 現在按鍵難捉摸
你思想停在侏羅 just get down get down

像是 你在我身邊下的毒
不去 管誰咆哮我的態度*4
let let let let let let let let the bass go

什麼態度 難相處
下什麼蠱 跟著人盲目 吃土 糊塗 下肚
誰先扮豬 吃老虎 OK蹦 送你的 禮物
現在 開始 倒數
讓你 心服 口服

Down 不相信 不需要 道聽塗說
嗆 真人秀 哪些真 哪些胡說
Down 裝可憐 扮無辜 有人拍手

[RAP by Starr Chen ]
blah blah 已讀不回
把我擊碎往下墜 我還可以重新起飛
love me or hate me
兩種持著相同道理同時深陷這問題 謝謝你/妳
別讓愛褪色 別對恨飢渴

Ironically, this song is getting a lot of hate in the comments because apparently the entire music video and music style has been copied/plagiarised from KPop, namely G-Dragon (from Big Bang).. I’m not even a fan of Show Lo but although I can see similarities in the costumes they’re not used to portray the same message. For example, white face masks were used on dancers in GD’s ‘Heartbreaker’, but here crowds of people use masks as a symbol of anonymity hiding behind their actions. Also, in retaliation Show mentioned that a white mask features in ‘Phantom of the Opera’, yet fans aren’t so quick to jump onto that fact and say that either himself of GD has copied the concept from Phantom, which is arguably more famous.

I feel like sometimes (a minority of) Kpop fans (but which make up a large proportion in East Asian countries, especially Taiwan and HK) can get so caught up in Kpop that nothing their oppas do will be wrong, that they are superior to all other artists and that everyone else copies or is at least heavily influenced by Kpop :/ Yes they may have influenced other musicians but it’s as if hiphop or rap didn’t exist before Kpop, which must also take influences from elsewhere too..

Also, I just watched the official dance music video and it’s refreshing see to black dancers, because I don’t think I’ve noticed much multi-cultural representation in Asian music videos. Along with Jolin Tsai’s previous music videos such as ‘We’re all different, yet the same’ that addresses LGBT culture and ‘Dr. Jolin’ which questions gender specificity, I think Taiwanese music is doing well in creating a movement for a more open and accepting society in Asia.

[Review] A’PIEU Air Fit Cushion

A'Pieu Air Fit

A’PIEU Air Fit Cushion – No. 21

I spent so long deliberating whether to get this or to get the Doraemon edition of the A’Pieu Air Fit cushion (which looks so cute ><“) but I decided on this because it’s almost in my favourite shade of blue! I purchased this from a store on eBay for around £5.60 (without refill), so by far the cheapest cushion foundation I’ve tried out so far, however it does contain less product – 13.5g rather than 15g. This was more of an impulse buy than anything 😛

A’Pieu is a sister brand to Missha, and often not talked that often about outside of Korea. I’ve actually never used Missha products before even though in the earlier days beauty bloggers raved about their BB cream. This is because their BB creams tend to be aimed at those who need higher coverage. A’Pieu appears to be aimed at a younger audience than Missha though, so I assumed their coverage would be lighter?

First impressions of the packaging are amazing, the top of the case is a blue-tinted mirror that looks so pretty and so much better than the Etude House case. It definitely looks like it cost more than it does 🙂 Even the box it came in looks good! XD

A'Pieu Air Fit Case

What A’Pieu says about this product:

  • Weightless texture & dewy finish
  • Containing a mineral water instead of water.
  • Rolling gel system ensures soft application for skin bumps, allowing even application on skin.
  • Sliding powder gives silky feeling and build-able thin coverage layer.

This cushion foundation comes in three shades: No. 21, No. 23 and recently also No. 13. I purchased the shade No. 21 since the other two shades seem either too dark or too light for me (these shade values are commonly used in most other Korean brand cushion foundations such as IOPE and Laneige). After purchasing No.21, I did notice on ibuybeauti that they recommend those who use Etude House W13 to choose this shade, which might be why I find this a tad bit dark after it oxidises? Perhaps No. 13 would’ve been better for me, but that shade is usually reserved for the pale skinned and I’ll probably look like a ghost with that shade XD They also say that No.21 is more yellow-toned than W13, which I don’t agree with (at least not in comparison to both the Precious Mineral Bright Fit and Cotton Fit BB creams).

This shade isn’t the best match for me.. it definitely has more of a pink and ashy undertone rather than a yellow one, and I think the ashy-ness is enough to bother me a little. I find that because it oxidises to become slightly darker than when you first apply it, it looks a bit dull rather than brightening – this is on my skin though, and I’m sure if this product suits your skin tone it’ll be brightening haha.

A'Pieu Air Fit Cushion

The puff is similar to Etude House’s and doesn’t absorb much of the product so that less is wasted and more actually reaches your face – a very light touch transfers lots of product onto the puff! On the skin, one layer of the Air Fit cushion actually gives quite a lot of coverage, not full coverage by any means but it feels a bit thicker than Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion and a slightly (VERY slightly) better coverage. This product also has a more matte finish compared to the other ‘dewy’ cushions I’ve tried, so seems to be good for those with oily-combination skin and would like a dewy finish?

One of the disappointing things is that the product doesn’t sit too well on my skin, it seems to slide around a bit (well it does contain sliding powder ;P) and transfers more easily to things that come in contact with my face. The scent is quite nice though, it just smells like an average beauty product haha 🙂 Also, I like how the refill doesn’t come out that easily despite using a push mechanism – which is a problem with my Etude House refill which can be pushed out of its case easily when pressure is applied to it and although the lid keeps it in, I don’t like how it moves around.. *I’m picky*


  • Medium coverage
  • Slightly matte finish – not too dewy
  • The puff applicator doesn’t soak up all the product and is very easy to use.
  • The product is very moisturising and has SPF50 PA+++
  • Scent is nice
  • Really pretty packaging


  • Doesn’t sit well on my skin – transfers easily
  • Not the right shade for me due to pink and ashy undertone
  • Only has 13.5g compared to the average 15g

I’m glad I didn’t purchase a refill for this since it doesn’t look that great on me, I could always try out No.13 since the refill only costs about £3.50? XD The Etude House Any cushion refill doesn’t fit in the Air Fit case, and vice versa; Banila co also doesn’t fit – but then that uses a different refill system anyway. However I might try and find something that does fit.. though a quick search online tells me that even the Missha refills don’t fit in this case 😥 Ah well, maybe this formula will grow on me..?

[Review] Etude House Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion


Etude House Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion in N02 (light beige)

This is my second cushion product, and I mainly purchased this because I really loved using the Banila co it Radiant cc cushion (link).. There are thousands of good reviews on the Etude House precious mineral range of bb cushions and what I like about these bb cushions is that the refills are interchangeable, so you don’t have to buy a new case each time! This cushion is also cheaper than Banila co so I thought it’d be worth a try to see if I liked it.

I actually wanted to purchase the newest range on the list – the Pearl Aura any cushion, however I received the wrong item from the seller (who refunded me half the purchase amount as there was no way of me sending the item back without incurring too many postal fees). I’ve mentioned before how I disliked the princessy feel of the case for Etude House any cushion, which is why I chose pearl aura – the case is a pearl white and looks really clean ^^’ But now I’ve ended up with the moist any cushion and the case is a creamy-yellow colour that I’m not too fond of..

The moist any cushion comes in three shades, similar to the original range: N02 (light beige), W13 (natural beige) and W24 (honey beige). Like I said, I actually purchased pearl aura, which only comes in two shades, light beige and natural beige, so I was automatically given the N02 shade.

The shade fits quite well to my skin tone (not as well as BP15 of the Banila co cc cushion though) and gives a brightening effect. There is a definite glowing effect on my skin after it’s applied, and it feels like flash photography would be terrible when wearing this! It is very moisturising and does

What Etude House says about this product:

  • Moisturizing: Made of baobab water (26.7%) for intensive hydrating skin. It also contains Hyaluronic acid 4 times more than other cushions to last hydrating longer.
  • Creamy-Glossy Skin: With ‘Glow-Lock Complex™’, it formulates transparent layer on skin to enhance glossy function and prevent losing moisture, which is its secret receipe to keep skin hydrated even in winter.
  • Sleek Skin: Creamy texture provides sleek skin condition.

Also on their official site Etude House mentions that “The coverage is complete and is free of preservatives, talc, oil, waxes, and other chemicals that can irritate skin and cause breakouts.”

This last point, in my opinion, is the most appealing factor of their bb cushion because most of you would agree that the reason you use bb creams is to cover up some imperfections on your skin. However, a lot of products on sale include chemicals that cause irritation of the skin and although they cover your spots they can make it worse, so it’s nice that this shouldn’t worsen breakouts 🙂

This bb cushion has a better coverage than my cc cushion, which is to be expected from a bb cream 🙂 It covers scarring without a concealer, however as the product wears off over the course of the day spots will reappear. I found that using a concealer actually improved the staying power of the bb cream on my face!

The moist any cushion is really good for winter as it’s so moisturising, especially since I have really dry skin in the winter! I can actually tell that I’m wearing base makeup when I wear this out, but that might be because I’m used to cc creams which are lighter and stick better to my face?

One of my main dislikes about this product is the scent! I really don’t like the way it smells, and how long the scent lasts – at least a few hours before it goes away, and that’s through the harsh winter wind and rain I have to walk through to get to my university haha (so I guess you could say it has good staying power :P) The scent is a very strong floral smell, but it doesn’t smell like fresh flowers to me but more like flowers that have been sitting in a room for a week lol but maybe it’s just the product that I received :s

Etude Moist


  • This has medium coverage which is buildable and doesn’t cake up that easily
  • Has a decent range of shades for Asian skin tones
  • Doesn’t cause breakouts
  • The sponge applicator doesn’t soak up all the product and is very easy to use
  • The product is very moisturising and has SPF50 PA+++
  • The refill is very easy to put into the case


  • The scent is too overpowering, and I’m not a fan of it (to me, it smells floral but a bit damp XD)
  • Doesn’t go well with flash photography
  • Can tell that I’m wearing makeup

Overall this is a good product, especially for students and teenagers as the price of this bb cushion is much cheaper than others, namely Laneige and IOPE which are also talked about a lot. I’ve also purchased a refill for the original any cushion to see the difference (and will use it when I finish this one).

Life saver!


MY LIFE IS SAVED! ~well my lab write-up is saved~ Someone asked what time the practical was due in today, and I think he realised nobody handed it in yet – there’s 6 of us all doing completely different practicals with the same deadline today XD Literally the most vague write-up we’ve had to do, as it’s completely individual on PhD topics that are essentially up-and-coming ‘new’ research topics and the six of us have been *feeling lonely and lost* while the rest of the people on this module are doing another practical all together on the same day.. but although the write-up is hell, it was a really interesting experience in the lab, especially since I’m considering doing research ^^

but essentially, I’m just happy that I’ve pretty much completed my report and have time to make it better and check for grammar mistakes incurred from staying up all night writing it 😀 ❤ Probably a bit too happy considering I’m behind on all the rest of my work and haven’t started my dissertation yet either..